This is my first post about my travels, I hope you will enjoy it.

Let’s start !

Day 18 March 2015, finally it is time to go, just a few days in London and then right to Reykjavík.

I have planned this travel some months ago and the idea was clear from the beginning:

rent a car and take the most from this awesome island.

Do you know the right time when I have said “I want to go to Iceland” ?

After I saw “The Secret life of Walter Mitty”.

And after doing some web zapping I have got a ticket !

Milan->London – London->Reykjavík – Reykjavík->London – London->Milan.

For only 170 euro.

This was my trip around Iceland, from Reykjavík to Hofn and then back to the capital.

Some information

Days in Iceland: 6

Total budget: 848 euro, included all things from flights, car, food, fuel, hostel, etc.

Company: Completely alone

I think the best way to talk about this travel is through some photos because sometimes what you are seeing it leaves you speechless.


The dawn in Reykjavík is amazing.


Snow around the road to Pingvellir.

300.000 people are the number of Iceland citizens, and when you are driving you have more chance to meet an alien than some humans.

Near Reykjavík you will find the Pingvellir National Park, the most ancient european parliament!

Maybe the name parliament is a little misleading, because actually there isn’t any building, just a lot of rocks.


Jökulsárlón, it is a very depth lake (around 260 meters) between the Vatnajokull and the Atlantic sea.

Lava field

A small shelter in a lava field.


Famous cliffs near Vik.


Yes… you will need a lot of supplies when you travel out of the Reykjavík area!

Vatnajokull National Park

Road to the Vatnajokull.

Svartifoss a beautiful waterfall near Vatnajokull National Park.

The amazing mascotte of the entire travel, Master Yoda during a force experiment.


Eyjafjallajökull museum, just under the volcano.

Do you know how to say Eyjafjallajökull ?

At least for now Iceland is one of the most beautiful countries I have ever seen.

Amazing landscapes that are really unique and it is worth every euro that I spent there.

3 things that I will always remember from Iceland:

1) Me, my car and the Nature

The ring road, the road n. 1, it is amazing.

After I have left the Reykjavík area I was the major of the time only with me, my super Dacia Duster and the Nature. It was really hard to meet someone else out of some touristic places.

2) The Aurora

Yes, I have got it !

It costs me a night sleeping in my car outside Kirkjubæjarklaustur with an outside temperature of -5 degrees Celsius without a sleeping bag….

but again it is worth every “fuc* it is too cold outside!”.

3) Music from Iceland

During my trip I was alone, but not completely alone !

Fortunately there were some radio stations and the most trasmitted song was Crystal of the “Of Monsters and Man”, amazing song and although I appreciated their music before this travel (Dirty Paws is one of the movie soundtrack from The Secret Life of Walter Mitty) after it I listen very often to their music. I have found a kind of link between their music and the Iceland landscape.

What ?!?! You are still not sure about visit Iceland ? Watch this video !

Amazing Iceland